Animation blender Icon Animation Blender

The Animation Blender is a tool to animate using markers to trigger animations.


To use it, the animated properties or composition which have to be triggerd by markers have to be set up beforehand. The tools to prepare the Animation Blender are located in the Rigging panel, in the Constraints tab.

Once it is set up, you just have to add markers named after the animation you want to trigger on the blender controller layer.
You can do it manually directly inside After Effects (see the shortcuts below), or with the Animation Blender tool which will list all available animations for you:
Select the animation you want in the dropdown list, then click the “Set” button.
There is a “Refresh” button in case the animation list is not up-to-date.

Shortcuts for markers in After Effects


Some of these shortcuts were not available in all versions of After Effects, but were added in the latest versions.

  • star shortcut adds a new marker on the selected layer, or on the composition without any selected layer.
  • alt+star shortcut opens the marker editor window before adding the marker, where you can set a comment.
  • alt+click shortcut on a marker changes its duration.
  • ctrl+click shortcut on a marker removes it.
  • shift+number shortcut adds a marker with the corresponding number as its comment.