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Duik Bassel includes some powerful tools you may need from time to time during the animation process.

  • IK/FK Switch is an easy way to switch between IK and FK during the animation, if the layers have been rigged by Duik Bassel.
  • Animation Blender is a nice shortcut to list and animate with markers on compositions previously rigged by the Animation Blender.
  • Motion Trail displays the trajectory of any layer using a shape layer, and can make trails behind them. (CC2018 and above only)
  • X-Sheet is a simple way to adjust the animation exposure of the properties, the layers or the whole composition.
  • Time Remap is a quick way to activate time remapping on the layers while adding some useful expressions, like looping.
  • Extract Controllers will extract the controllers from the selected precomposition and copy them in the current composition, to be able to animate outside of the character precomposition.
  • Cel Animation is a tool to animate frame by frame using the paint effect in After Effects.